If an ayatollah tweets in Iran, who hears it?

If an ayatollah tweets in Iran, who hears it?

“As Iran’s leadership embraces Facebook and Twitter, its citizens remain blockaded behind firewalls and filters”

Check out this very, very interesting article on the total hypocrisy of Iranian leadership’s use of Twitter, Facebook, social media, etc, while the majority of their population can’t even see it.

A great excerpt:

“Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are blocked within Iran, underscoring a fundamental tension that has only recently begun to crystallize: as Iranian officials continue to spread their messages across social platforms, the country’s citizens remain quarantined behind web filters and firewalls, unable to legally access the services that have suddenly become an important part of their political landscape.”


Political Prisons in Iran kept on House Arrest for OVER 1,000 Days!

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On November 12, 2013, opposition figures and 2009 presidential candidates Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi, and Mousavi’s wife Zahra Rahnavard, an author and political activist, will have spent 1,000 days under house arrest or detention without charge or trial. No governmental agency or body has expressly accepted responsibility for the opposition figures’ detention or brought any charges against them.


Ahmed Shaheed, UN Human Rights Investigator for Iran, Releases his Newest Report

Ahmed Shaheed, UN Human Rights Investigator for Iran, Releases his Newest Report

By clicking the title, you will be taken to the document with Shaheed’s latest findings. The human rights record is still pretty grim in Iran according to Shaheed, and needs major adjustments. He summarizes this well in this telling paragraph: 

“The human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to warrant  serious concern, with no sign of improvement in the areas previously raised by the General Assembly or the various human rights monitoring mechanisms. This includes progress in advancing commitments accepted by the Government during its 2010 universal periodic review. Tensions between various aspects of the country’s laws and its human rights obligations, along with the capricious application of those laws, remain causes of the lack of progress. As a result, gender discrimination, as well as systemic and systematic violations of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, continue to characterize the human rights situation in the country.”

Impending Executions for Iranian Minority Citizens

Impending Executions for Iranian Minority Citizens

Four Kurdish men, who are a minority in Iran, just had their sentencing upheld by Iran’s Supreme Court to go through with the executions. The men don’t even have a lawyer! Meanwhile, Rouhani is on his “let’s play nice” campaign in the US….