How Iran “Plays Nice”

This new bombardment of political cartoons is helping me express my frustration with many media outlets playing into Rouhani’s “charm offensive.” Luckily, however, some of these cartoonists understand Rouhani’s ploy to “play nice” while he’s at the UN General Assembly meetings this week.


Impending Executions for Iranian Minority Citizens

Impending Executions for Iranian Minority Citizens

Four Kurdish men, who are a minority in Iran, just had their sentencing upheld by Iran’s Supreme Court to go through with the executions. The men don’t even have a lawyer! Meanwhile, Rouhani is on his “let’s play nice” campaign in the US….

Camp Ashraf Massacre Video

Warning: This video is pretty graphic. I posted earlier this month about the massacre of Iranian dissidents at Camp Ashraf. Was searching for an update and found quite a few videos on Youtube that display the atrocities. However, I have yet to see any articles that talk about Rouhani and those involved being punished…